Very competitive rates. We guarantee to beat your current or renewal quotes. No need to commit to lengthy contracts (though the more support that you purchase, the better the value). Annual, biennial and even triennial contracts are available - what ever suits you!!!


Terms to suit you. Support units can be purchased in units from as small as 3 hours. Units can be used for ANY ICT purpose, not just relating to items provided or configured by ourselves. Our support really means support ... in every sense of the word.


Take control of your ICT support using our web based issue tracking system. This not only provides you with a means of issue reporting but gives you an audit trail of issues you have had in the past and how they were resolved thereby saving you money if you feel you can resolve the issue yourself!!!


All services are not only re-active, but also proactive! That is, we concentrate fully on what you ask us to do but also look to improve any aspect of your ICT environment that will benefit you. Services include but are not limited to;

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

We privide a professional, reliable and affordable portable appliance testing service. This service can be used in conjunction with an ICT support contract giving you the flexibility to have items tested as and when YOU require without having to wait for 'next years' visit.

ICT Auditing.

Do you know what hardware you have? What hardware you're supposed to have? Which software licenses are you paying for and more importantly, which ones are you NOT paying for? We can collate, record and manage your resources for you (can be provided out of term time if preferred/required).

Server/Workstation Installs.

Physically install your PC hardware exactly where you want it, when you want it. Help plan where and how you want it, if required. Ideally each PC should mirror every other so that the children have complete consistency across all their ICT learning platforms.

Software (Operating System & Curriculum) Installs And Support.

Install, update, configure and support the use of your software including MS Windows, MS Office and curriculum software. Either local workstation or server based installs, ensuring licensing requirements are met.


Physically install and configure your peripherals such as scanners, printers, and copiers etc. Today’s copiers are capable of emailing scans to your desktop, mail box or application, IF configured correctly!

Hardware Fault Diagnosis/Repair.

Re-use those old laptops and PCs to benefit the children. Not all your faulty hardware needs to go in the bin. Recycle instead! Quite often it’s a simple matter of replacing cheap components such as hard drives.

Bespoke Hardware/Software.

PC builds to fit your own requirements and budget. No build too small. Put your older hardware to good use as dedicated information stations around the school or use them as thin clients to access your server based resources. We are also happy create bespoke application software. Do you have mundane, repetitive tasks crying out to be automated? Report generation or any other office based tasks? We can help.


The provision of guidance on all installation work carried out by ourselves is provided free of charge to all staff members that require it. Consultation and advice is also available on other aspects of your learning environment, such as help in working towards being granted the Becta ICT mark, help with Virtual Learning Environments such as Moodle and Management Information Systems such as SIMS. We have no affiliation to any of these organisations or systems. We can advise on security, backup and the restoration of your important data.

Web Sites.

Are you fed up of trying to manage, even navigate around your web site, because you don't run it? Talk to us for advice on how to achieve the best results within your budget. Publish the children's work in all it’s glory.


The Bottom Line.

We will provide unparalleled support with your interests at heart. No job is too small to undertake and all jobs are treated with the same degree of importance. We guarantee, you will not be disappointed in us!