Information Highway.

InformationInformation and Communication Technology (ICT) is an essential part of the school. As well as generalising learnt skills, it is a great way for the children to be independent. Most children get a lot of enjoyment out of printing their work and even just the act of going to the printer to collect it. Having their work displayed by putting it up in school or even just taking it home can be very rewarding. Some children are not as artistic as others, therefore, ICT can be used to explore colours and shapes to enable the production of wonderful 'electronic' art by using a software graphics program.

Once at home ICT is also an independent skill your children can use, whilst freeing up their parents during busy times, for instance making dinner or looking after other children. It is work they enjoy, that brings its own rewards. ICT is now a mature part of the curriculum and growing all the time and can improve the quality of teaching, learning and management in schools and so help raise standards. As with any new ideas, techniques or technologies though, it is vital that children are kept safe. An effective e-safety policy is therefore vital in your children's development.

Here are some "Dos and Don'ts" when using ICT within the curriculum, that you might want to consider;



Some Key Factors In Raising ICT Standards.